Porsche’s New eBikes

Porsche Sport Bike

Porsche Sport Bike

This past spring, Porsche introduced two new eBikes with all the technology and design that the famous manufacturer is known for.  Though the Porsche eBike Sport and eBike Cross are aimed at very different segments of the bike riding population, the pair hit their mark with beautiful yet functional shapes. Both of these bikes were developed in collaboration with eBike expert Rotwild and are manufactured in Dieburg, Germany.

Porsche eBike Sport

The Porsche eBike Sport is the ideal commuter bike…

With the Porsche eBike Sport, you can ride a genuine design object every day. It’s the perfect companion for the adventure of everyday life – through cities, around the countryside, for business and pleasure. This is guaranteed by high-quality technical components, such as the full-suspension carbon frame and the new, powerful SHIMANO motor with Pedelec assist up to 25km/h. The smooth-running CONTINENTAL tires convey a familiar yet completely new driving experience: that of a true Porsche. Reinterpreted on two wheels.

Porsche eBike Cross

The Porsche eBike Sport is the ideal cross country bike…

Want even more adventure? Then you’ll love the eBike Cross. Especially if you like leaving the beaten track. Combine style with a thirst for adventure – in the Porsche eBike Cross, the lightweight carbon frame is matched with carefully selected mountain bike components. Stay on track even off-road with the ergonomically shaped handlebars and SHIMANO color display. Feel the wind in your hair again. And swap the beat of everyday life for the beat of your heart.

The eBike Cross is designed for those who’s commute takes them regularly through the Tyrolean area of German, or at least seriously off any semblance of pavement. The Porsche eBike Cross is the answer for off-road adventure.  The Cross relies on a newly developed Shimano motor for assistance on hills and rugged terrain.  Braking is provided by special heat resistant braking system with anti-fade technology for optimum stopping ability.

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