Porsche Outlaw and California culture…

outlaw: def., a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; rebel; nonconformist…


Porsche Outlaw

Porsche Outlaw


For obvious reasons, car manufacturers don’t build cars in ones and twos; financially, they have to build for the masses to pay the rent.  This means Henry Ford mass production and, barring options, you mostly get the same, often boring, car as your neighbors.

Enter California Car Culture and wizard auto restorer, Dink Farmer. Usually involved in high-end restorations, Farmer was approached by a fellow California Porsche guy to build him something different. Something hip, cool, that smacked of the owner’s personality and not everyone else’s.

He wanted an Outlaw.

Porsche Outlaw

Porsche Outlaw


With painstaking attention to detail, Dink transformed a plain Porsche C coupe (chassis # 221697), into an open speedster configuration, but with a more muscular body and smoother profile.  Porschephiles will notice the doors, windows and dash were created just like the original Speedsters.

To make drivability a breeze, Farmer retained the 356 C Model gearbox, disc brakes and suspension, all taken from the original car.

And to do justice to the incredible sheetmetal, the car was professionally fitted with a 2.2 liter 6- cylinder 911 motor which fits perfectly into the engine bay, giving it gobs of grunt and the exhaust note Porsches are known for.


Porsche Outlaw

Porsche Outlaw


Porsche Outlaw

Porsche Outlaw


Sharp eyes will notice a cleverly removable roll bar assembly that fits the car perfectly for those interested in safety at the track.

Gloss black on black, this Porsche Outlaw is one of those cars that will remind you what a lite car with lots of horsepower can do.  As sports car enthusiasts, we give so much away to the electronic wizardry that modern sports cars have and all the algorithms that makes for safer cars and higher faster track times, leaves us less involved in the driving experience and ultimately poorer drivers.

Again, lots of automobile manufacturers are happy to sell you something right off their showroom floor.  But if you are the type of guy or gal that yearns for something more than just plain Jane, cast around for an Outlaw car and to hell with conformity.

Uncertain about Outlaw Porsches?  Jay Leno takes one for a ride here:

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