Modern man thinks he is wasting time if he doesn’t do things in a hurry.
But knows not what to do with the time he gains,
except kill it”-
— Erich Fromm



The reason you drive an exotic is for the experience.  As fast as a Veyron is, you can get to the exact spot on the map if you are driving a Volkswagon Minibus.  Of course it’s not the same, and what you pay for is really not about horsepower, tire size or, carbon fiber.  It’s about the experience.

Someone turned me on to what might be a fun experience if you’re in Italy for a day or two.  Seems these guys rent out vintage Alfas (and more) for drives around their country. The idea is to recapture a slower era where you could actually drive just for fun!

From their website:

“At the same time the ‘Vintage Car Driver’ leaves behind all time measuring instruments, the chaos of the city. Appreciating each moment of his driving experience and dealing with any unexpected events with a smile. A ‘Vintage Car Driver’ lives the encounter with his vintage car as an opportunity to appreciate all that surrounds him on his journey, a scenic view, a monument, a sunset… not satisfied with the things everyone can see from a main road but venturing onto the secondary route to see hidden gems.

For these reasons, getting lost, going down the wrong road, is not so bad; sometimes only destiny can show us things we had not planned to see”…

I’ve rented cars in Italy before, carefully avoiding Rome, Naples, etc.  The experience is never what I wanted; guys passing you on either side in 1000cc stuff that in the states wouldn’t qualify for the sidewalk.

I haven’t tried this yet, but it felt a little foolish to keep these guys to myself, what with the Tuscan sunshine beckoning and all.

Looks like they also provide cars for other fun stuff to include historical races:

“It is possible to choose from many of our models and have the car delivered to the race start location. On request we can also provide road back up throughout the race, for extra piece of mind”……

So if you have the opportunity to get out of town, and you and whomever (and it’s OK if it is just you), are looking for something unique, get back to me and let me know what you thought.

Check out SlowDrive here:

See you on down the road,


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