Paris based Chapal has been producing leather clothing since the early 1800’s and produces…

Chapal Paris Gear

Chapal Paris Gear available at The Finish Line

…a wonderful line of hand-crafted  retro racing gear for those looking to be authentically attired for vintage auto rallies, or honestly, just to wind the hands of time back 50 years or so.

Hugh Ruthven, owner of The Finish Line in Barrington IL is the exclusively representative for Chapal here in the United States.

Helmets, driving shoes, goggles, gloves, travel bags and jackets, and many of their accessories and clothing can be traced to their producing Army and Air Force flying jackets during both WW1 and WW2.

Hugh Ruthven II

Hugh Ruthven II and The Finish Line

The Finish Line carries a wide assortment of sports-car related items – from monogrammed apparel to signed posters and custom-designed watches. The clothing, including polo and long-sleeved shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and Formula One team garments, is available with just about any marque – Ferrari, Porsche, Alfa-Romeo, Maserati and Lotus, to name just some.

If you’re furnishing a garage, Hugh has enameled porcelain car and gasoline company signs, very rare Ferrari factory signs and tiles, and art — from event posters to original oils by well-known automotive artists. For inside your home, there are bronze sculptures, 1/8th models handmade in England, and numerous other items.

To acknowledge special customers or occasions, Ruthven can design and produce hand-etched wine bottles that are a true keepsake. I know, as Ive had one of Hugh’s famous Ferrari wine bottles for years, sitting on the kitchen counter, still uncorked.

My bottle from The Finish Line

 My bottle from The Finish Line

His entire line of memorabilia, clothing and accessories is distinguished by its quality. Items are not mass-produced, but rather are available in limited quantities and by special order (Hugh was once asked to arrange a Cavallino-inscribed tombstone.)

Hugh eagerly shares his car passion through The Finish Line and vintage racing events in his Ferrari 250 Drogo and his 1959 Bandini Formula Junior.

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