Cars and Rock and Roll Collide…

Tommy Tallarico’s 458

“A 458 coupe and a 348 Spider”, Tommy says. I’d just been introduced to Tommy Tallarico and we started talking cars but were interrupted when the  musicians again picked up their instruments.

But let me back up…

My friend Steve Braverman was in town, and thanks to his kind invitation, I’m in Van Nuys, listening to rock and roll as I’ve never heard it before.

Steve’s here as a music enthusiast, investor and advisor to RockmaniaLive!, his latest project with Tommy and Abbey Konowitch

A few minutes later I’m chatting with Abbey, RockmaniaLive! producer, the industry giant responsible for the concept and execution, and also the driving force behind such household names as Whitney Houston, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, the Grateful Dead…the list goes on.

The laser light show, the surreal projections behind the orchestra, the progressive rock of Zeppelin, it’s intoxicating.

“It’s a simple thing”, Abbey says with a smile.  “RockmaniaLive!™ delivers the ultimate in multimedia symphonic performances of legendary classic rock albums in a unique immersive environment”…think BeatlemaniaLive and you’ll understand the phenomenon.


I’m surrounded by Grammy winners, Grammy producers, investors and the like, here to listen to the rehearsal while watching Eimear Noone, famed Irish conductor, do her stuff.  Doesn’t hurt that she’s a babe but the real wizardry is in her baton, and you just have to see her work to understand the art of coordinating an orchestra pounding out music from Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy album.


A week later I’m at Tommy Tallarico’s house here in Southern California, and we spent a few hours talking cars and, of course he’s had dozens.

Tommy tells me the story of coming to California dead broke, from living under a bridge in Huntington Beach, to becoming a premier video game composer and musician, and now the creative director for RockmaniaLive!  He is the cousin of Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, and from his perch backstage, he learned the trade of connecting and entertaining people through music.

RockmaniaLive! is tremendously exciting, watching people who know what they are doing, love what they do, producing a show that will shortly be entertaining the world.  How fun!

Always dreamed of being part of the entertainment industry as an insider?  Fascinated by the who’s who of music?  Just need to score a ticket for the premier production of RockmaniaLive! with the London Philharmonic in March, 2017?  I’ve got friends…

If you want to hear music from some of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time,  get in touch with me at: or Abbey at:,



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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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