Rolls Royce Cellerette

Rolls Royce Cellerette for the connoisseurs…

Ask anyone for the name of an expensive automobile and most will quickly come up with the name Rolls-Royce.  The famous brand has been, in one form or another, and under various ownerships, hand-building spiffy automobiles since 1906, and continues present day with various models, from the standard (if there is such a thing at Rolls) to the newest one-offs and bespoke variations.

Less known is the lifestyle collections, “carefully curated for any occasion”…

From 1:8 scale car models to picnic hampers, Rolls Royce has lent a very close ear to its clients, both with cars and without, gauging their lifestyle and likes, transposing those likes and wants into beautifully crafted realities through their lifestyle and bespoke boutiques.

Rolls Royce Lifestyle Collections Here

Meticulous Craftsmanship

Rolls Royce Celerette

An absolutely wonderful example is the Rolls Royce Cellarette, a beautifully clever way to both store and serve cigars and whiskeys.  If, as they say, first impressions are everything, the Cellerette, at the push of a button, simply wows in presentation, and after seeing it in action, stagger your guest list to watch the expression on those unawares. 

With that finger push, a light comes on as a small serving tray rises from within, presenting an aluminum and leather wrapped serving tray that display two hand blown glasses engraved with the famous Rolls Royce logo.

But the fun is only beginning.  As the tray rises, simultaneously two trays emerge from the sides to reveal a bottle holder and humidor tray containing four cigars.  The internal humidor also displays a magnetically attached lighter and cutter, both engraved with the same Rolls Royce logo. Le Grand S.T. Dupont is the famous French manufacturer’s top of the line lighter.  That opposite side displays a bottle holder large enough to hold a good bottle of whiskey, port or the like.  Grab a Rolls glass, included guillotine cutter, that favorite bottle, and you and a few friends are in for a rather spirited (pun intended) evening of conversation.

The Celerette and many other beautifully finished pieces are all produced in England.

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