Comparing 40 different simulators since ’94

If you are at all interesting in road racing, you might have a racing simulator in your basement, study or garage, You may use it to sharpen your driving skills, become better acquainted with the layout of a particular track, or find it a better stress reliever than a good glass of wine.  It’s also the only place you could and should ever consider drinking and driving.

The people at Matus Creation for Goodwood, have put together a scary video displaying just how much simulated racing has changed over the last 30 years.  From 1994 on, software and technology has gone from Pong to Spider-Man 2.  And the software designers shall inherit the earth…

A bit headache-inducing to me, the sounds and graphics over and over again, gave a large does of post-traumatic stress disorder, reliving one very poor day in my Ferrari 348 at Road America in Wisconsin.  I still may hold the record for the most spins per lap.

You’ll find some of the best racing simulators HERE


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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