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In the film Frankenweenie, a boy named Victor loses his dog, Sparky, and uses the power of science to resurrect him, and the same thing is now going on in Los Angeles.  For those with the means, this is the future of the bespoke automobile.

Even more than the smell, nothing says “new car” like reliability, and as venerated as classic sports cars shapes are, they are legendary for being unreliable black holes of money, mixing brief periods of driving pleasure with long stops by the side of the road, occasionally out of cell phone range, sometimes waiting for a tow, in the rain, under a leaking top…you get it.

Enter Singer Vehicle Design of Los Angeles, a company dedicated to the belief that many people want to have the old sports car look, mated to modern speed, handling and safety.

Singer Vehicle Design is subjecting old 911’s to science and they ask you show up with a 1990-1994 Carrera 2 that they can carefully resuscitate into a bigger, stronger, meaner Sparky, while retaining everything you so cherish about your Porsche.

4,000 man hours later and Singer has kept the best of Stuttgart intact while completely Retro-Styled-2011-Singer-Porsche-911-4revamping the guts and transforming aging performance into a steroid laden mean machine (courtesy of 360 HP or more and 0-60 times around 4 seconds).  Beautiful paint, and an interior you would have wished for in 1990. Even more than that, Singer cars are unique packages of something from a bygone era now infused with the razor sharp appeal of an iPhone 5.

Yes, the transformation will set you back $350K, but fantasies don’t come cheap and resurrecting the old gal into something of Gothic proportion should have you jumping up and down screaming, “it’s alive”…(peasants and torches available separately).

A very nice website and people I plan to drop in on them next month.



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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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