If it’s two things the average sports car owner worries about, it’s this:

  • How quickly their car is going down in value
  • How quickly every other car on earth is going up

Read Sport Car Market lately?  They do an absolutely wonderful job of making everyone break out in a cold sweat —what I call the What-The-F-ck? factor.  How did that car get that expensive…that fast?

In fairness to Sports Car Market, they report prices, not set them.  And my time machine is in the shop so I did the next best thing, asking 4 really sharp friends who do it for a living, to give me their collective thoughts about the future.

Here’s their thoughts on what they would buy now, and the information will maybe help you skip (or at least soften) the WTF factor a few years down the road.


Tyler Dean – Lake Forest Sports Car

Ferrari 512BB -“undervalued…cars that were $250K to $275K in the 80’s are going to start heading up soon”

Ferrari 308 and 328’s, especially Berlinettas”…low volume coupes…where Dino’s where not too long ago…


Dave Alexander – Continental Autosports

Ferrari 365 and 512BB…”365BB’s are now at the $200K mark and 512BB’s, especially carb’d cars, at $150K and starting to move”.



Alfa Giuliettas… $40K to $250K, and “even the bottom of this market is now in play”.  Enzo cut his teeth with Alfa.


Greg Berner – Lake Forest Sports Car

Ferrari 288GTO –“$600K today and soon maybe you can add $300-400K to that number”..

Aston Martin DB AR-1 “they made 99 of these, beautiful, interesting, rare”.

And Greg’s favorite, just for him and screw the market — Ferrari 360CS. 


Lonny Tsang – Continental Autosports

Ferrari 365BB-512BB


Porsche -“anything air-cooled… incredible price increases in the last 36 months…will continue going forward”…cars from the 70’s and 80’s are going to keep going up…”

Alfa Romeo-

Maybe it’s time to start shopping for a Berlinetta Boxer, along with some of the other picks the experts see moving up soon. 

And my personal picks, inexpensive cars that are never going to make you rich but are fun to drive and should hold their own:

Ferrari 360 Berlinetta 6 speed because good ones are hard to find

Porsche 993, especially coupes, the last of the air cooled Porsches


Thanks to Tyler, David, Greg and Lonny for their thoughts!
Got a personal favorite sure to go up?  Please drop me a line.

Happy hunting,


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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