Surefly might be coming soon…


Surefly Mini-Copter

Surefly Mini-Copter

The Surefly mini-copter might just be the next great thing.  Now you can forget all the bullshit about autonomous cars saving us from motoring headaches by simply flying over it all.

Last year at the Paris Air Show, a small company displayed what looked like a personal helicopter, but was actually a device without the high hurdles of learning skills, maintenance and safety.  According to the design team, the Surefly is more like a big drone than a helicopter, with eight propellers fixed to four struts.  Each propeller is powered by its own motor, adding tons of redundancy.

Designed for short hops, the Surefly can carry 2 people or 400 pounds total, flies at 70 MPH for up to 70 miles with a maximum ceiling of 4,000 feet.

It can be flown manually by the pilot, or fully autonomously by punching in your destination and let GPS get you there while watching the scenery go by.

Still afraid of flying?  In the event that all eight motors fail simultaneously, a safety parachute deploys bringing you and the Surefly safely back to earth.  Hopefully not on a congested highway, during rush hour.

Oh yes, that autonomous function means you can use the Surefly as a delivery drone, stuffed with anything you want, delivered to anywhere you want.  Cool!

Fifty years ago, the old TV show, The Jetsons, had us all flying around in the air, and that concept may actually be (and finally) closer to reality.

Priced around $200,000 and expected to be delivered as early as 2019.



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