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  • Exotic Cars
    Project 308M by Maggiore

    308M Restomod Is Back To The Future If you’ve been intrigued by giving your older machine a...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    Coppa delle Alpi 2021

    The Coppa delle Alpi 2021 is scheduled for January 21st-24th, 2021. I grew up in Chicago, long held...

  • Boats
    Lamborghini From Tractors To Motor Yachts

    There Are NO Speed Limits On The Water! The unmistakable start/stop button, (two, one for each engine)...

  • Cars
    DRIVEN: Ferrari 488 GTB

    Ferrari 488 GTB is the stuff of legend… I’m somewhere in southern Wisconsin with the sun setting...

  • Cars
    DRIVEN: Alfa Romeo TZ1

    Alfa Romeo TZ1 During the 20’s and 30’s, Alfa Romeo was producing big cars with big engines. ...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    Collecting Vintage Italian Motorcycles, PT. 1

    Smaller Italians Not news, you’ve missed the run up in vintage Italian car prices.  So what’s next?  I’m betting vintage motorcycles, especially Italian, but I don’t have a clue about vintage bikes.  Lucky for us, I know a guy. Burt Richmond of Chicago is a premier collector and guru of motorbikes, and...

  • Cars
    New MINI SuperLeggera Vision

    Certainly one of the prettiest cars to be coming out of the Paris Auto Show, the Mini...

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