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  • Exotic Cars
    Project 308M by Maggiore

    308M Restomod Is Back To The Future If you’ve been intrigued by giving your older machine a...

  • Exotic Cars
    1st McLaren Sabre Delivered inn US

    The 1st McLaren Sabre has now been delivered to its owner… and somewhere in Los Angeles, someone...

  • Exotic Cars
    Lamborghini Sián The Future

    Electrification and hybrid technologies for a new tomorrow. Limited edition Roadster version of visionary V12 super sports...

  • Exotic Cars
    Eagle Lightweight E-Type

    Beyond beautiful, the Lightweight E-Type was a noisy, brutal… …purpose-built race car designed for the track. Eagle,...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    Baby Bugatti II

    Bugatti Baby II Revealed at Bugatti’s 110th Anniversary Prototype Baby II test driven by customers at the...

  • Exotic Cars
    Ford GT On Your Wish List?

    Me too! Fortunately a close friend got his. Gary Premeaux of South Bay Ford recently took possession of...

  • Exotic Cars
    OWL226 Low Drag Coupe

    Jaguar E-Type Low Drag Coupe “OWL226” At Monterey… In the “sign-me-up-for-several” category, Marco Diez, in collaboration with Fast...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    Ferrari More Powerful Than Apple Or Google…

    Or why is this man smiling? It’s David and Goliath when it comes to revenues, but niche luxury car maker Ferrari takes top honors to become 2013 Most Popular Brand. “However, when you factor in other important financial metrics such as net margins, average revenue per customer, marketing and advertising spend, along...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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