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  • Exotic Cars
    Bizzarrini AC3

    Bizzarrini AC3 Now Center Stage… The Petersen Automotive Museum has a rule; you can’t touch, but you...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    Laguna Seca Race Track Glamping

    GLAMPING AT LS… Headed to Monterey for Pebble Beach and all of the surrounding events usually means...

  • Exotic Cars
    Ferrari 500 TRC; Last of It’s Kind

    Ferrari 500 TRC I’m often accused of bias when it comes to Italian cars, and while I’m...

  • Driven
    Ferrari 16M

    Ferrari 16M is a bully… Accelerate hard in 2nd gear, as I did, and around 4000 RPM’s...

  • Podcasts
    Drive With Dave Podcast with David Benardo & Bonnie Rodgers

    Electrifying Nostalgic Porsches, VW Beetles, VW Microbuses… How does one electrify a classic car? David Benardo and Bonnie...

  • Podcasts
    Drive With Dave Podcast with Rob Mancuso

    Rob Mancuso just may know you better than you know yourself when it comes down to buying...

  • Podcasts
    Drive With Dave Podcast with David Alexander

    Wondering what Ferrari to buy?  Contemporary or vintage, you will want to listen in to my guest, David...

  • Podcasts
    Drive with Dave Podcast with Martin Hancock

    Interested in driving on a track? If you don’t know an apex from an exit point, you...

  • Cars
    DRIVEN: Ferrari 330 GTC

    The Ferrari 330 GTC is a must drive…     Never follow a child or pet act, or...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle

    Cars and Rock and Roll Collide… “A 458 coupe and a 348 Spider”, Tommy says. I’d just...

  • Cars
    Aston Martin DB4GT Continuation: History in the making

    Timeless Classic Returns… One of Aston Martin’s most iconic models, the DB4GT is to be celebrated with...

  • Cars
    Sports Car Insurance Ratings

    Taking advantage of its extensive claims data, State Farm has implemented its annual auto insurance ratings for specific makes and models of vehicles. Select a make to see a list of the collision damage indexes (CDI), damage and theft indexes (DTIs), vehicle safety discounts (VSDs) and liability rating indexes (LRIs). You’ll be...

  • Cars
    Vintage Maseratis…Now’s The Time

    People ask me a lot, and my crystal ball is still running an older operating system, but here goes. Even if you’re not in the market for one, you probably realize that vintage 12 cylinder Ferraris are hot. If you are just starting to consider one as an investment, you may have...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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