Titanium X2

With hardware-based encryption, your calls and texts between XOR phones will never be intercepted – ever.

Russian Oligarch trying to phone home?  Iridium satellite phones too bulky?  Or just want to send and receive calls without the NSA eavesdropping? The XOR phone may be just the answer to your clandestine plans.

The stuff of 007, XOR phones have a unique operating system that boasts military grade encrypted software, destined for the hands of those, shall we say, needing to fly way, way under the radar, literally.  I don’t judge (just kidding, it’s my job), but for those ultra-discreet calls, you may want to consider an XOR mobile.

First, forget apps.  Forget all those things that you and I have come to take for granted on our iPhone 13 pros, like a camera, calculator or the Amex and bank apps. Forget Angry Birds or WhatsApp. Those phones are for your personal assistants, your SO, your children.  Think spy stuff, the real deal, two tin cans strung together by a piece of string.  Walkie talkies.

When luxury cell phone make Vertu, filed for bankruptcy in 2017, few companies were willing to step into production of expensive cell phones that actually do less.  And even though Vertu has resurrected itself from the financial abyss, their latest offering, their Android-based Aster P,  is seen as a mixed bag by professional reviewers as doing a good bit less than XOR’s remarkable little mobiles, or what’s available from Apple or Android for four times less money.

Enter XOR, the British company that’s been around for thirty years.  Their mobile phones are beautiful, elegant, costly, but worth the price if you identify with any of the above personal needs.

Handcrafted, the simple, sleek devices takes your security to another level in both calls and messages. From noise cancellation to shake-to-lock ability, the newest XOR mobiles feature wireless charging, memory for 1000 contacts,  the XOR Titanium X2, let’s owners escape from the present world of digital overload. And battery life isn’t hours, it’s days.

Price: more than $4000, and you’ll need two to them, just like the walkie talkies I mentioned.

Hutch Hutchison, vice president of design and co-founder of phone startup XOR on redefining luxury:

Each XOR handset is exquisitely designed to enhance the world around you. XOR understand the needs of the new generation of luxury mobile phone user. A user that appreciates what is important and values an escape from the over-digitized world to one that offers discretion and luxury alongside well-being and self-expression.

Hutchison talked about why this direction was chosen for the Xor Titanium: “There’s hardware encryption with no keys on servers, no backdoors, our own operating system with no protocols left open at all, and long battery life. It’s something you can depend on, like an old Nokia. That’s what Xor has become. The [privacy aspect] is important, and the hardware encryption is, as far as we know, the best that’s available. There’s no way in, it’s something you can really trust.”

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