I had lingered too long at the food trucks at the LA Auto Show last November, and I remember sprinting up the stairs in the exhibition hall, only to stop dead in my tracks to ask myself, what the hell is that?

The little boy that we guys never get away from (ask my wife) propelled me over to the bright blue “long thing” carefully displayed a bit off to one side.

Like my first adolescent thumbing through Playboy magazine, my mouth hung open, I stood there gazing, riveted on the spectacle.

Here the similarity stops as I grew to revere Playmates and away from, well…spectacle.  But same old-same, old it isnt, and thats what had the press excited. 

I’ve always thought Lamborghini was best at building “f—- you” cars. Vehicles to spit in your eye, but the Puma is in a whole different league, with the visual F– YOUshouted through a megaphoneby Ozzie Osborne


44-inch tires mounted on 20-inch rims look more like a magic carpet designed to carry a Sheik from one oil well to the next.

The dream of Kami Youabian, a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, the Puma doesnt come cheap, but the all fiberglass and aluminum ride doesnt seem to take itself seriously and sort of asks you to do the same.

In a car culture that begs for different, and in a world more than anxious to push the envelope, the Puma just might find a home in a garage near you. Great big gobs of fun this would be, terrorizing others.

I mean, just imaging seeing this thing in your rear view mirror…you would wet the seat…


  • 7-liter Corvette V8
  • +500HP
  • Pushbutton automatic transmission
  • Length: 242 inches
  • Height 72 inches
  • 0-60 5.9 seconds
  • Price: $1.1M
  • Faces of other motorists: priceless



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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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