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Totem Alfa GTA

Totem Alfa GTA

A legend reborn with electric soul…

Totem Automobili combines its passion for historic Italian cars and its innovative essence to create timeless redesigned handcrafted cars. We reinvented the restoration approach using new technologies and new materials to manufacture state of the art cars.  —Totem Automobili Click Here

Totem Alfa GTA

Totem Alfa GTA

The Corona virus slowed the 2020 release of the Totem Alfa GTA, but certainly failed to stop it.  The Italian firm has now confirmed the production goal of 20 units at an approximate cost of $500,000 each, with deliveries due to begin in 2022.

No matter where you fall on the electrification spectrum, everyone will acknowledge this as a special car from gifted craftsmen.

Totem Alfa GTA

Totem Alfa GTA

Totem starts with a donor 1970’s something Alfa GT Junior of 1300/1600 cc’s, and pulls it apart, crafting a new stronger body out of carbon fiber. Totem puts 6000 hours into the production of this special Alfa, reducing the GT Junior to its essential DNA, then rebuilding it better.

Removing the overhead 4 cam engine and replacing it with a battery meant a new type of suspension capable of holding the near 800 pounds of spark. A single motor mounted in the rear produces 520 HP from rear wheel drive traction, hooked up to 17 inch wheels. And though I now hate to quote 0-60 times, the Totem Alfa GTA sprints to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, the same as a new Ferrari Roma. While few are going to test the Totem Alfa GTA’s 150 mile per hour top speed, a 200 mile range gives you plenty of opportunity to wring out this glorious machine.


What you get for the money is rolling confirmation of where the automobile industry is headed, not tomorrow, but right now.  Howl all you want about desecrating icons, but this isn’t a 250 GTO.  Besides, there is a whole generation in our rear view mirror who could car less about the sound of gasoline exploding and would much rather drive a planet friendly, faster, safer, less likely to break down in traffic, ride.

Totem Alfa GTA

As a final thought, you can electronically mimic the sound of internal combustion of desired, but I’m not sure I would want to.  Nostalgia never looked so good.

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  1. Francesco February 19, 2021 at 7:43 PM - Reply

    sound unrelated to real engine performance makes no sense. But if it is generated as a result of performance: sequential gearshiftings, tailor made torque and power curves and gear ratios, the vision changes completely. On every engine point our technology can generate sound and vibration following performance SW engine in real time: gear engagement sound, REV limiter (you have to change gear because the torque drops), backfires i.e.. Offer real and always different driving experiences inspired by ICE soul at a click is the mission of McFly technology. And of sure you can enjoy “stealth mode” with electric noise and direct transmission while you drive in the city or to experience the sounds of nature around

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