Stuff happens, but there is acts of God and acts of you.  Being less than divine can occasionally mean errors in your insurance coverage and maybe you just didn’t know, so learn from the experiences of some of my clients.


COMPREHENSIVE-fire, theft, vandalism, windshields, FLOOD

COLLISION-someone runs into you/you run into someone or something


Living in Chicago means storing your sports car during the cold and crap.  Maybe at the dealer, a friend’s, or a friendly location you have parked at forever.  If, like some people, you take off all coverage but comprehensive, you are covered in a situation like the one in the photo above.  BUT…


What if:

  • Your cleaning lady (true story), backs into your garage to unload supplies and sideswipes your just stored Ferrari and doesn’t have insurance.
  • Or the guy at the storage facility moves that Italia next to you and conveniently forgets about the barely noticeable dent he puts in the Gallardo, and very often the small print in your storage agreement (and you’re lucky if you have one) says you are on your own.
“I Barely Touched That Red Car!”

Unless you left collision coverage on your car, you may find yourself having to sue your parking garage, cleaning lady, or son’s girlfriend (another true story) to cover the costs of repairs.

So it’s smart to pull SOME coverage off when you have put your car away for the winter IF you know you’ll never drive it till spring.  If there is the slightest chance you may get hit, play it safe and leave comprehensive AND collision on your ride.  It just isn’t that much money.


When in doubt, call your insurance guy/agent, or drop me a line with a question.

Getting work done on your machine?  Read this 1st!

See you on down the road,


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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