Watch guys and cars seem to go together, and while I have no idea what’s currently “hot”, I know the guys that do.

A new sponsor for us, Geneva Seal (on Oak Street in Chicago), Leonard Goldberg and business partner Alex Katz will glibly converse in watch-speak for hours, helping you understand the passion of chasing timepieces.

On a regular basis, Leonard and Alex will help you stay informed about the luxury watch market.  From sporty to formal, if watches are your thing, you will want to hear their thoughts on keeping your wrist looking great.  And with the holidays coming, you might want to accidentally forward this to your significant other.




 Alex writes:

This unusual timepiece fuses the best of today’s technology in case manufacturing and complicated movement with timeless classic design. Beginning with titanium/carbon-fiber case, dial and lugs, chronograph equipped with a fly-back function, scratch resistant sapphire crystal, it is distinguished by appliques that mirror the Lamborghini Gallardo’s taillights. To top it off the oscillating weight of its 40 hour power reserve automatic movement is shaped like double checkered racing flags and is visible through the exhibition case back.







This harmony of 308 independent parts all running in conjunction with one another offers accuracy and precision.  Suspended on the hand stitched Alcantara suede leather strap with a personalized fitted titanium deployment buckle this timepiece is eye catcher.  In my opinion, esthetically attractive as well as extremely comfortable for an everyday wear this is one of the best timepieces associated with automobile industry.




I particularly like that it does not have a “screaming” Lamborghini logo anywhere on the dial or the case. Its strong racing DNA can be recognized by a discerning auto enthusiast that understands the subtle details of this creation, yet it is admired by anyone with an appreciation for quality and style.






112 E. Oak Street
Chicago, IL 60611

See you on down the road,





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