The Dino Marketed…

Yes, there really was a time when the Ferrari Dino had to be promoted, explained, sold.  Now beloved, the 206/246 series was intended as a way of using Ferrari’s name as a means of selling a smaller, “lesser” sports car to the world, and an attempt to muscle in on a market largely controlled by Porsche.

My friend Patrick Bowling sent me this video.  About 20 minutes long, it’s of unknown origin, but does a great job visually of understanding this wonderful little car.

Straight out of the 70’s, the video is a far cry from today’s technical standards but that’s what makes it fun. If you’re a fan of Claude LeLouch’s, “Rendezvous”, you will enjoy this video.

While 2.0 and 2.4 Liters seems a pittance today, there is something about the Dino that everyone loves.  Instantly recognizable as Italian (show this car to 50 people and my guess is all 50 will say it’s Italian), the Dino has become the darling of automotive enthusiasts everywhere.  

Unlike other cars of similar vintage, the Dino is fun to drive and disregarding 0-60 times, the cacophony of sounds coming out the exhaust makes the little car subjectively much faster to the driver.

We all have our fish stories about the one that got away.  Mine was a chance to pick up a early 70’s GTS for $15K in the late 80’s.  Should have, could have, but didn’t, I now divide the world into the stupids and the smarts; the stupids like me didn’t buy one and the smart ones did.

My choice of the most beautiful car of the 20th century, the 206/246 Dino…



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