Not everyone hates winter, especially not Lamborghini…

Stop anyone, almost anywhere, and ask them for their thoughts on Italy.  The country instantly conjures visions of art, incredible food, passionate people, dazzling cars, and I never mentioned pizza, which, in Italy, is a food group unto itself.  Flooded with the dizzying sensations the country has to offer, few ever mention snow and Italy in the same breath.  Except, perhaps, the adventurous people at Lamborghini. 

Makers of some of the most sought after sports cars in the world, Lamborghini’s interest in carving snowdrifts continues to be an ongoing passion, hence the Lamborghini Accademia Neve, and their return to Livigno 2022.


Since 2012, the manufacturer has been bringing Lamborghini owners together with arctic conditions, allowing participants three days to learn the finer points of 600 plus horsepower versus low traction, all overseen by the professional instructors from Lamborghini.  I still haven’t figured out where the Lamborghini instructors sharpen their skills as Modena averages less than 6 days of snow a year, and accumulates 4.5 inches in total.  They must truck the stuff in.

To drive a Lamborghini on the racetrack is to experience the extraordinary machine in its natural habitat. Drivers at the Esperienza Accademia Neve winter driving course in January and February took that sensation to cool extremes, pushing the Lamborghini Huracán EVO supercar and Urus Super Sport Utility Vehicle to their limits on a track topped with ice and snow.

The fun and instructional program is the most anticipated event each season, this time taking place in two sessions at the jet-setting skiing destination of Aspen, Colorado—a city renowned for its breathtaking Rocky Mountain views as well as its upscale scene. VIP guests of Lamborghini delighted in slaloms and drifts on the frozen course at Aspen Motorsports Park, and advanced their winter driving skills by bounding through this icy setting alongside professional motorsports instructors.

Not only does the top Aventador S come with AWD standard, but most of the Huracán lineup ( with the exception of the Huracán Evo) comes with AWD as well. Of course, the new Urus SSUV or Super Sport Utility Vehicle also comes with an all-wheel-drive system that is more akin to a four-wheel-drive system.

Lamborghini sales are hot!

Automobili Lamborghini ended 2021 with a remarkable all-time record: 8,405 cars were delivered worldwide, making it the company’s best year ever on that front. Sales were up by 13% on 2020 due to a targeted and monitored growth strategy.

Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, commented: “This record has provided confirmation of four factors for us: the solidity of our strategic plan, our brand’s outstanding international reputation, the competence and passion of our people and the exceptional professionalism and dynamism shown by our 173 dealers in 52 markets, who have continued to invest alongside us at a challenging, uncertain time.”

There was double-digit growth in all three of the macro-regions where Lamborghini is established…In terms of individual markets, the USA held on to top spot (2,472 units, +11%), while China leaped into second place (935, +55%). … followed by Germany (706, +16%) and the United Kingdom (564, +9%). There was also an increase in the figures for Lamborghini’s home market of Italy, where 359 cars were delivered in total (+3%).

In terms of models, there was ongoing success for the Urus Super SUV with 5,021 units delivered. It was followed by the V10-powered Huracán, which saw a strong increase in sales up to 2,586 thanks to the strong impetus provided by the Huracán STO. In addition, there were 798 Aventadors (V12 model) delivered all over the world.

The sales outlook continues positively into the new year, thanks to a substantial order portfolio that already covers almost the entire production planned in 2022. Lamborghini plans to unveil four new products over the next 12 months.

Winkelmann added: “We are stronger than ever as we prepare to embark on a period of profound transformation and move towards an even more sustainable future. In 2022 we’ll be doing our utmost to consolidate the current performance and get ready for the arrival of our future hybrid range from 2023 onwards.”

In addition to these models, in 2021 Lamborghini also presented its future electrification strategy. “Direzione Cor Tauri” (“Toward Cor Tauri”) is the name of the path that will lead the company through the decarbonization of its future models and the Sant’Agata Bolognese site, in accordance with the holistic approach of its environmental sustainability strategy. that will see Lamborghini launch its first hybrid production model in 2023 and electrify its entire range by the end of 2024, with the aim of cutting CO2 emissions by 50% from 2025 onwards. Subsequently, a fourth fully electric model is due to be added to the range in the second half of the decade.

SOURCE: Lamborghini

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