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Fiat 500E The Best Urban Electric in the US

Black Fiat sports car

Being Italian isn’t about where you’re from; it’s about what you value.

More lifestyle than exotic, a niche market car to be sure, Fiat has had a lot of hits and misses over its long history. Founded 2 years before Ford Motors, from small, functional and cute, to not so, the newest model in their line-up has the hallmarks of a smash hit. On a zoom call with Amir Ahmed, who now leads the Fiat brand for Stellantis North America, Mr. Ahmed, in a very convincing presentation, laid out why the 2024 Fiat E500 is the best EV you can buy in the urban environment, especially as a commuter car.

FIAT CEO Olivier Francois takes it for a drive…

The working premise of the Fiat 500E challenges the concept of having to drive a big, expensive SUV on a 10 mile commute when you are the only one in the car.

Gas engine removed, it’s a bit bigger, lighter, lower, with better handling and ride. The new Fiat 500E has gobs of room, making it a great grocery getter as opposed to the cavernous vehicles clogging today’s roads (yes I’m guilty), and while big cars often pose a parking challenge, the 500E at 2,900 pounds almost seems small enough to pick up and carry with you. Forget the ever shrinking spaces and park in a spot designed for a motorcycle.

car dimensions

car price list

car features

The 500E comes in 3 colors, basic red starting at $32,000 or the Inspired versions, one in a shade of rose gold for the fashionista in some, and one in jet black. With every purchase comes a free L2 charger for home charging.

And it sings!

Modern, stylish but retaining the retro look of Fiat 500’s built between 1957-75, whether the 2024 Fiat 500E becomes the ultimate fashion accessory or starts taking over everyone’s garage space depends on where you live and how you wish to express that little bit of Italian in all of us. And who doesn’t want to come out of work and smile at what you’re about to drive home?

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