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    Baby Bugatti II

    Bugatti Baby II Revealed at Bugatti’s 110th Anniversary Prototype Baby II test driven by customers at the...

  • Exotic Cars
    Bugatti Divo

    Bugatti Divo; sold out… So why the Divo? “When I took up my position at Bugatti at...

  • Exotic Cars
    Bugatti Brake Calipers

    Bugatti Builds the 1st titanium caliper…   Since the 20’s, avant garde styling and thinking has always...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    Bugatti Bicycle

    Bugatti Bicycle from cycle manufacturer, PG…   Undoubtedly an impulse buy for those who have just purchased...

  • Car Experiences
    Inside the Bugatti Chiron Factory

    Bugatti Chiron Factory Visit…   The Bugatti Chiron is designed to be the fastest, most luxurious, and...

  • Cars
    Bugatti Chiron Soccer Star Test Drive

    Bugatti Chiron…   If you are in the queue, you know the newest Bugatti, the Chiron, is headed...

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    Bugatti Chiron At Goodwood

      Bugatti Chiron Wasn’t The Fastest; See Below I sent them a check for $500 just to hold...

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    2016 Bugatti Chiron

    It’s official, the new Bugatti is to be called CHIRON.  Named after Louis Chiron, the most successful Bugatti works driver for the brand and, in his day, the best racing driver in the world, the legendary driver won virtually every major Grans Prix for Bugatti in the 20’s and 30’s.    ...

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    Continental AutoSports is hosting one of the largest art and literature expos in the Midwest.   Missing...

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    Driving The McLaren MP4-12C

      Friends in high places had given me the opportunity to drive the new McLaren MP4-12C.  I had seen it in the showroom but this was my first opportunity to have a go… Aimed squarely at the Ferrari Italia, McLaren MP4-12C occupies roughly the same place as the 458, but with a totally different...

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    She Sells Lamborghinis To The Boys…

    “Time and money never sleep”, she is fond of saying. Her late father was a mechanic, and she spent a great deal of her youth by his side, learning about the mysteries of distributor caps and carburetors. Maybe that’s why Aida Avadisian of O’Gara Coach in Beverley Hills feels women should know...

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