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World Cup Star Messi Home For Sale


Leon Messi with FIFA trophy



The latest move, literally, for the star of the 2022 World Cup, Lionel Messi…

…has placed his home in Miami, FL. on the market for $7.75M. Purchased four short years ago, the US property is located in the Porsche Design Tower.

Three bedrooms, five baths, all situated within 3,000 square feet, the star of the show isn’t just the amazing views, or the tropical breezes on the deck; it’s the building itself, and a tribute to both Porsche and the car guy lifestyle, as an attached glassed-in garage area let’s you literally view your vehicles, considering them part of the decor.

Whether you call him The Lion, Leo, GOAT, or some other pet name all depends on your favorite football team. But there is little doubt about some of his favorite cars, Porsche being one of them. Why he has decided to leave  Miami is anyone’s guess. Perhaps a well deserved retirement is in the works. But he leaves behind his imprint as a car guy with not only the city he chosen to live in but the Porsche Design Tower that someone else will soon call home.

Far from being the only manufacturer to be branding buildings, Mercedes Benz, Pininfarina, Aston Martin a soon to be announced Ferrari building in Asia, all have joined the growing list of luxury brands anxious to display the lifestyle they have created through their automobiles.

Rumor has it Messi is leaving behind a driving simulator, but he’s keeping his trophies for himself.


Leon Messi Miami Condo

Leon Messi Miami Condo

Leon Messi Condo Miami

Leon Messi Miami Condo


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